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Dr Sheng Yong

Research Fellow

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26 publications
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Sheng Yong, Chengning Yao, Nicholas Hillier, Hyunho Kim, Martin Holicky, Sihui Liu, Regan Doherty, Felice Torrisi & Stephen Beeby, 2023, Advanced Materials Technologies
Type: article
Aran Amin, Ruomeng Huang, Daniel Newbrook, Vikesh Sethi, Sheng Yong, Stephen Beeby & Iris S. Nandhakumar, 2022, Journal of Physics: Energy, 4(2)
Type: article
Nicholas, David George Hillier, Sheng Yong, Andrew Cruden & Stephen Beeby, 2021, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 168(8)
Type: article
Mahmoud Wagih, Nicholas Hillier, Sheng Yong, Alex S. Weddell & Steve Beeby, 2021, IEEE Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation, 2, 302-314
Type: article