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Doctor Alexander Wittig

Doctor Alexander Wittig

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Astrodynamics and Orbital Mechanics
  • Mission Design and Analysis
  • Numerical Methods including Differential Algebra and High Order Automatic Differentiation

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.

Connect with Alexander


Tel: +44 23 8059 2453

Address: Boldrewood Campus, Burgess Road, SO16 7QF (View in Google Maps)


Alexander is interested in interdisciplinary research, supported by his broad background as a physicist and mathematician. He applies dynamical systems theory through innovative numerical methods, such as high-order Differential Algebra methods, numerical optimization, and high performance computing, to a variety of problems in physics, astronomy, and astronautics.

As Aeronautics and Astronautics foreign exchange coordinator, he oversees the academic aspects of our exchange programs with partner universities in Europe and the US.

Students interested in participating in our exchange program, or current exchange students looking for further information, please see the Study Abroad section on the Aero Astro Program page on Blackboard for further details.

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