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Ms Kelly Kohut

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Karen Hurley,
Lesley Turner,
Caroline Dale,
Susan Eastbrook,
Rochelle Gold,
Kate Henwood,
Sonia Patton,
Reshma Punjabi,
Helen White,
Charlene Young,
Julie Young,
Elizabeth Bancroft,
Lily Barnett,
Sarah Cable,
Gaya Connolly,
Beth Coad,
Andrea Forman,
Helen Hanson,
Grace Kavanaugh,
Katherine Sahan,
Katie Snape,
Bethany Torr,
Rosalind Way,
Elizabeth Winchester,
Alice Youngs,
Diana Eccles,
, 2023 , Health Expectations
Type: article
Kate Morton,
Vicky Fenerty,
Chloe Grimmett,
Diana M. Eccles,
, 2023 , Frontiers in Health Services , 3 , 1092816
Type: article
Lesley Turner,
Sian Smith,
Emma J. Crosbie,
Neil Ryan,
Chloe Grimmett,
, 2022 , Frontiers in Digital Health , 4
Type: article
Helen Hanson,
Anju Kulkarni,
Lucy Loong,
Grace Kavanaugh,
Bethany Torr,
Sophie Allen,
Antonis C. Antoniou,
Ruth Cleaver,
Tabib Dabir,
D. Gareth Evans,
Ellen Golightly,
Rosalyn Jewell,
Kelly Elizabeth Kohut,
Ranjit Manchanda,
Alex Murray,
Jennie Murry,
Kai-Ren Ong,
Adam N. Rosenthal,
Emma Roisin Woodward,
Clare Turnbull,
& Marc Tischkowitz
, 2022 , Journal of Medical Genetics
Type: article
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