Mr Jack Stubbs

Mr Jack Stubbs


Research interests

  • Natural products biosynthesis: a complex cascade of catalytic steps in vitamin B6 biosynthesis is characterised by structures or reaction intermediates in the large PLP synthase complexTime-resolved serial crystallography: experiments using microcrystals at room temperature, performed at synchrotrons and XFELsDroplet microfluidics: producing homogenous microcrystal slurries for serial experiments

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Jack Stubbs used time-resolved serial crystallography methods to study dynamic structural changes of enzymes at room temperature. He utilises synchrotrons and XFELs worldwide to perform his research. He is a PhD student on the SoCoBio DTP program with the the project titled 'Developing novel approaches for time-resolved structural biology', a industry cofunded studentship by the University of Southampton and Diamond Light Source as well as Douglas Instruments Ltd as CASE Partner.