Doctor Mozhdeh Shiranirad

Dr Mozhdeh Shiranirad

Research Fellow in Machine Learning

Research interests

  • AI for life science and health-care
  • Programming and Development
  • Data Science

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Mozhdeh is currently serving as a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton's School of Mathematical Sciences, where she specializes in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and mathematical modeling to investigate the lifecourse determinants, development, and prevention of early-onset burdensome multimorbidity. Her primary responsibilities involve the development of machine learning models tailored to early-onset burdensome multimorbidity. 

Mozhdeh's work focuses on leveraging data from birth cohort and routine healthcare datasets to discern the early-life determinants of multimorbidity. Her work is instrumental in advancing our understanding of the intricate factors contributing to early-onset burdensome multimorbidity, offering valuable insights that can inform preventative strategies.

Mozhdeh's role at the University of Southampton underscores the intersection of cutting-edge technology and healthcare research. Through her expertise in leveraging AI and mathematical approaches, she is paving the way for innovative solutions to address pressing issues in public health. Her contributions have far-reaching implications for improving the lives of individuals affected by early-onset burdensome multimorbidity. Her research contributions will undoubtedly pave the way for the development of new prevention strategies and interventions to mitigate the impact of early-onset burdensome multimorbidity.