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Professor Vladimir Jiranek

Professor Vladimir Jiranek


Research interests

  • Microbiology of beverage fermentations 
  • Cell-cell interations and filamentous/invasive growth in yeast
  • How has yeast evolved to survive in nature and interact with insects 

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Vladimir's early interest in the life sciences lead to extensive work in applied microbiology. Largely focused on the yeast and bacteria that undertake wine and beer fermentations, his work has lead to a greater understanding of the activities of these microbes in these processes, and how they can be optimised to ensure process efficiency, sustainability and quality improvements. More recently his group have discovered new species of microbes from the Australian wilderness, novel interactions and communication between microbial cells as well as with other organisms, such as insects. Apart from being fascinating from a fundamental point of view, these latest discoveries are being assessed for possibilities for the enhancement of commercial processes, the control of agricultural pest and diseases, and for insights into human pathogen behaviour.