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Precision Biosciences Innovation Hub

Male scientist wearing a white lab coat closely inspects an ear of corn growing in a laboratory propagating tray.

Our data-led virtual modelling systems are helping to solve some of the world's most challenging issues around food security, climate change, anti-microbial resistance, healthy ageing and disease.

We use big data, computational approaches and 'in silico' digital twins of biological systems to gain a detailed understanding of the biological processes needed for sustainable health, environment and food.

Through an interdisciplinary network of scientists from wide-ranging domains, the PBIH has created an innovative environment for multidimensional, multiscale, data-driven biology, that enhances the precision and our capability in tackling vital issues like healthy aging, sustainable agriculture, antimicrobial resistance, and environmental sustainability.
Professor of Proteomics
Microorganisms are pivotal to our planet and to our societal health — Precision understanding and control of complex microbial communities will revolutionise solutions across climate, health, food and water security.
Professor of Microbiology

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If you'd like to work with us, please contact Professor Paul Skipp.