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Politics and International RelationsPart of Economic, Social and Political Science

What our students think

Being at university is a very exciting and challenging time. As well as living independently away from home, you also have personal responsibility for organising your academic studies. Read on to find out what it's really like to study politics and international relations at Southampton.

Photo of Rupert Bailey
I think the department we’ve got here in Politics and International Relations is fantastic. They are very welcoming, they’ve got a great breadth of expert knowledge, and I think they are going from strength to strength in terms of the experts that are joining the team.
Rupert Bailey - BSc Politics and International Relations
Photo of Ollie Barrett
Southampton offers one of the only Politics degrees that is a BSc as opposed to a BA, which I found really attractive because of the employability aspect of developing quantitative skills.
Ollie Barrett - BSc Politics and International Relations
Photo of Jonathan Kirman
I really enjoyed the freedom I was allowed by the department in choosing a dissertation topic which meant something to me, even if there was not an obvious ‘expert’ on the topic within the teaching staff.
Jonathan Kirman - BSc Politics and International Relations
Photo of Rebekah Kulidzan
I chose a module in Global Health, which was University-wide and which meant that I was sitting in a class with medics, Mathematics and Economics students. It was really interesting to be in that environment because Global Health is something that is interdisciplinary in the real world, and we all came at it with different angles. It’s great that Southampton allows you to do that, and it's really benefited me in widening my knowledge
Rebekah Kulidzan - BSc Politics and International Relations
Photo of Sophie Maguire
The thing I enjoyed the most about this course was the freedom to choose a wide variety of topics for dissertations. On a whole the faculty were extremely accommodating and ensured that, whilst there may not be a specialist in that topic, that they went out of their way to help you.
Sophie Maguire - BSc Politics and International Relations
Photo of Emanuele Pirozzi
there is a very strong international student community in Southampton, and someone from outside the social sciences just cannot understand how important that is. Inside the social sciences, each international student has a different academic background, this means that each student can contribute differently to conversation, to debate, and to your own personal development
Emanuele Pirozzi - BSc Politics and International Relations
Photo of Tim Riminton
My ability to work hard, motivate myself, assimilate information, analyse, criticise and formulate arguments has developed enormously. But more than that, I have achieved a renewed confidence and direction in my life.
Tim Riminton - BSc Politics
Photo of Niamh Ward
Each year so far my degree has had a mandatory Statistics module. I haven’t done a statistics module since Year 10, but university has allowed me to discover a new love for the subject.
Niamh Ward - BSc International Relations

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