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Improving use of medicines

Improving use of medicines

Research in this area includes providing evidence on the safe and effective use of conventional and alternative medicines for common conditions managed in primary care. Research methods employed include database and observational studies describing medicine use and associated outcomes, qualitative studies of patient and prescriber perspectives, and trials evaluating effectiveness of medicines and optimal use (including deprescribing where appropriate). A key focus has been on tackling the major public health threat of antibiotic resistance by providing evidence to support the better use of antibiotics and alternative treatments for infections.

Current Projects

4S Sore Throat Study (Scores and Swabs to Self-assess Sore Throats)

ATHENA - AmiTritypline for the prevention of post-HErpetic Neuralgia

Atlantis study - Amitriptyline at Low-dose and Titrated for Irritable Bowel Syndrome as Second-line Treatment: A Double-blind Placebo-controlled Trial

ATTACK - Aspirin to target arterial events in Chronic Kidney Disease

CELLULITIS - Experiences of cellulitis and views about causation and prevention

CHAT COPD - Chinese Herbal medicine to aid AnTibiotic use reduction in exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

DEFINE - Development and evaluation of a FeNO-guided asthma management intervention in primary care

Drug therapies that can up or downregulate ACE2 receptors in COVID-19 infection: A systematic review

GermDefence - A digital behaviour change intervention to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak: A rapid co-design, implementation and evaluation project

MACRO - Defining best management for adults with chronic rhinosinusitis

OPEN - Out of Hours Prescribing: Enhancing Communication

Parental perceptions, experiences, and help-seeking behaviour for common infant symptoms: qualitative interview study

PROMDEP - Patient-reported outcome measures for monitoring primary care patients with depression: PROMDEP randomised controlled trial.

RECUR - Reducing common infections in usual practice for recurrent respiratory tract infections: The RECUR Programme

REDUCE - (REviewing long term anti-Depressant Use by Careful monitoring in Everyday practice)

SAFA - Spironolactone for Adult Female Acne (SAFA) Research study

STOP AMR – decision aids -Supporting Targeting Of antibiotics in Primary care to combat AMR using decision aids

STREAM - Screen and TREAt for Malnutrition

VENUS Study – Developing a new approach to managing care home residents with possible urinary tract infection 

Completed Projects

ALICE - Antivirals for influenza like illness - an RCT of clinical and cost effectiveness in primary care

ANTLER - ANTidepressants to prevent reLapse in dEpRession

ARTIC PC - Antibiotics for lower Respiratory Tract Infection in Children presenting in Primary Care

BATHE - Bath additives in the treatment of childhood eczema

CEDAR - the children's ear pain study

HATRIC - Herbal Alternative Treatment (Pelargonium) for lower Respiratory tract Infections with Cough in adults

MOMA - Investigating the feasibility of a mobile mindfulness-based digital intervention for patients with asthma

OPTIMISE - OPtimising Treatment for MIld Systolic hypertension in the Elderly

PRINCESS - Probiotics to reduce infections in care home residents, the PRINCESS trial

Qualitative study on community pharmacists’ perspectives of recommending herbal medicine in acute infections

ROSE - Rosa canina fruit (rosehip) for OsteoarthritiS: a cochrane rEview

Key research staff working on this theme

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