Flumes and wave tanks

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About the Flumes and wave tanks

Our hydraulics facilities include a range of flumes and wave tanks equipped with water flow velocity measurement technology.

We use them to study the behaviour and effects of surface waves, wall turbulence and scouring. We also work with equipment in the field.

Technical specification

Wave tanks

  • small wave tank:12 metres long, 0.5 metres wide, 0.4 metre deep
  • large wave tank: 8 metres long, 1.5 metres wide, 0.5 metre deep


  • small tilting flume: 12 metres long, 0.3 metre wide, 0.3 metre deep
  • large tilting flume: 24 metres long, 1.4 m wide, 0.6 metre deep
  • outdoor flume: 60 metres long, 2 metres wide, 0.6 metre deep

Water flow measurement equipment

  • laser doppler anemometry
  • acoustic doppler velocimeter
  • particle image velocimetry


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