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Research Group

Chemistry Education and Training

Chemical equation written on a whiteboard with red, green and orange pen

Our group of education specialists and researchers provides technical support to make sure our chemistry students are ready for research.

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The majority of our members are teaching fellows who design and deliver theory and practical courses for undergraduates. Several group members have been recognised by either local or national awards for their contribution to chemistry education.

We're also responsible for admissions to our undergraduate community.

In recent years we have:

  • implemented a new placement system
  • developed high quality remotely accessed learning material
  • pioneered the use of automated voting systems
  • built on the use of video resources to improve the student learning experience

Our membership also includes staff involved in:

  • technical support
  • outreach activities
  • undergraduate admissions

People, projects and publications


Professor David Read

Professorial Fellow-Education
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Dr Maria Concistre

Foundation Year Teaching Fellow
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Dr Paul Duckmanton

Principal Teaching Fellow
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Dr Paul Wilson

Senior Teaching Fellow
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Dr Sam Perry PhD, FHEA, MRSC

Teaching Fellow in Chemistry

Research interests

  • Chemistry Education
  • Sustainable practices
  • Carbon sequestration
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Dr Thomas Logothetis

Principal Teaching Fellow

Research interests

  • Thomas' previous research focussed on synthetic organic chemistry, primarily methodology development in the building block strategy in fluorine chemistry (using trifluoropyruvates and hexafluoroacetone derived from perfluoropropenoxide) and utilising boronic ester homologation in the synthesis of fumonisins and AAL toxins – physiologically active secondary fungal metabolites. Thomas is generally interested in applications of fluorine in chemistry and while at the Dipartimento di Chimica, Materiali ed Ingegneria Chimica "Giulio Natta” he explored halogen bonding and molecular assembly. He is still keeping an eye on these topics.
  • However, his research interests are now largely related to education in chemistry, particularly laboratory based synthesis, green chemistry, modern technology and implementation of IT resources in practical classes; as well as problem and inquiry-based learning and improving practical assessment and feedback provision.
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Chemistry is a practical science and it is my pleasure offering such an experience for our students, ensuring they achieve education rather than receiving it – and so kindling this desire.
Principal Teaching Fellow