Geology and Geophysics

About our research

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Research themes


Evolution of plate tectonics and mantle dynamics 

  • Improving geohazard assessment and resilience
  • Understanding active plate boundary, continental margin development and deep Earth processes

Fluid flow through the Earth

  • Greenhouse gas escape and removal
  • Geothermal and hydrothermal processes
  • Crustal magmatism

Equipment and technique development in geology and geophysics 

  • We use novel geophysical techniques to convert environmental data into knowledge

Engineering, environments and energy in coastal and continental shelf environments

  • The physical environment of offshore energy infrastructure, eg renewable energy, high voltage cables, coastal defences
  • Continental slope and deep-water sedimentation processes including mass-wasting, geohazards, environmental geology and ecosystems


Research techniques


Our work is underpinned by advanced facilities for:

  • ocean bottom seismology
  • high resolution sea floor and sub-seafloor imagery
  • controlled source electromagnetic sounding
  • the analysis of sediment-rock cores and seafloor samples
  • high level computing and machine learning