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Geology and Geophysics


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& Charlie Thompson
, 2022 , Journal of Coastal Research
Type: article
Chiedozie Collins Ogbuagu,
Udiba U. Udiba,
Jessica Laura Stead,
, 2022 , Scientific Reports , 12 (1)
Type: article
Emma L. Chambers,
Nick Harmon,
Kate Rychert,
Ryan J. Gallacher,
, 2022 , Geophysical Journal International , 230 (3) , 2036--2055
Type: article
Douglas Connelly,
Anita Flohr,
Dirk Koopmans,
Jerry Blackford,
Chris Pearce,
Anna lichtschlag,
Eric Achterberg,
Dirk de Beer,
Jianghui Li,
Kevin Saw,
G Alendal,
H Alvesen,
R Brown,
Sergei Borisov,
Christoph Bottner,
Pierre Cazenave,
Baixin Chen,
A Dale,
Marcella Dean,
Marius Dewar,
M Esposito,
J Gros,
R Hanz,
Matthias Haeckel,
Brett Hosking,
veerle Huvenne,
Jens Karstens,
Tim Le Bas,
Peter Linke,
S Loucaides,
S Monk,
Matthew Mowlem,
A Oleynik,
A Omar,
Kate Peel,
Giuseppe Provenzano,
U Saleem,
Mark Schmidt,
Bettina Schramm,
S Sommer,
James Strong,
Ismael Falcon Suarez,
B Ungerboeck ,
Steve Widdicombe,
H Wright,
& E Yakushev
, 2022 , Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , 166
Type: article
Corinne Brunelle,
Pierre Francus,
Benoît Camenen,
Mathieu Des Roches,
Emeline Perret,
Louis-Frédéric Daigle,
& Philippe Després
, 2022 , Journal of Hydraulic Engineering , 148 (12) , 06022017--1
Type: article
Paul White,
Denise Risch,
Suzanne Beck,
& Ewan Edwards
, 2022 , Frontiers in Marine Science , 9
Type: article
Daniele Maestrelli,
Sascha Brune,
Giacomo Corti,
Ameha Muluneh,
& Federico Sani
, 2022 , Tectonics , 41 (10)
Type: article
Emma Horn,
Michael J Stock,
& E. M. Ruth Farley
, 2022 , Journal of Petrology , 63 (10)
Type: article
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