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Research group

Quantum, Light and Matter Group

Quantam lights

Our research group examines the connections between physics, chemistry and engineering.


Our work aims to advance our fundamental understanding of quantum physics. Much of our research focuses on the themes of nanostructuring, optical control and quantum coherence. 

Our research covers the following areas: 

  • experimental foundations of quantum physics 
  • photonic quantum technology and quantum metrology 
  • hybrid polaritonics and ultrastrong light-matter interaction 
  • advanced materials, nanoscience, and light sources 

We occupy modern laboratories with the latest lasers and characterisation tools. The group also controls the nanomaterials rapid prototyping facility and has access to the University's modern nanofabrication facility. 

Research highlights

People, projects and publications


My research focusses on the interaction between light and matter at the nanoscale.
Professorial Fellow (Research)
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