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12 June 2024, 12-2 p.m. - ‘Banking Crises or Bank Runs? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious of Everything’, organised by the Centre for Private and Commercial Law.

Speaker: Dr. Daniele D'Alvia (Lecturer), Queen Mary University of London, Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS)

Dr. Daniele D'Alvia, an Associate Researcher at the European Banking Institute in Frankfurt, discussed banking crises and bank runs in the context of contemporary financial systems. 

Room 8013 in Building 100, Highfield Campus. Hybrid event.

5 June 2024, 1:30-3 p.m. - Prof Charlotte Villiers (University of Bristol): 'The Sustainable Development Goals as a foundation for a new compassion-based paradigm for business and human rights'

Charlotte Villiers is Professor of Company Law, Bristol Law School, and specialises in all aspects of Company Law and Corporate Governance; she has particular expertise in sustainability and ESG reporting and disclosure regulation. 

Room 7007 in Building 100, Highfield Campus. Hybrid event.

26 October 2023 - Professor Brenda Hannigan Speaks at International Corporate Governance Conference

20 June 2023 - Centre for Private and Commercial Law Hosts Sustainability Workshop

27 October 2022, 12-2 p.m. - Dr Ewan McGaughey (KCL, School of Law): ‘Enterprise Law’

GlobCon/Centre for Private and Commercial Law.

Lunch from noon. Room 4053 in Building 4 (Level 4, Law Building, Highfield Campus). In person.

14 Nov 2020 – ‘The Bubble and the Bubble Act’- The Guildhall, Winchester

Speakers from across Law, Economics, History and Science addressed the legacy of the South Sea Bubble of 1720, and the legislative response.

Helen Paul contributed to this.

25 September 2020 Insurance Causation after the Financial Conduct Authority Test case

27 Feb 2019, Research Workshop on The Humanity of Private Law (CLPS and PCL)

Guest Speakers: N.J. McBride (Cambridge), Sarah Green (Bristol), Sandy Steel (Oxford)

(Venue: 4/4003, 1300 – 1700)

29 Jun 2019, Workshop on ‘Data-Driven Personalisation in Markets, Politics and Law', led by Professor Uta Kohl and Dr Jacob Eisler

Southampton Law School hosted a workshop on the topic of ‘Data-Driven Personalisation in Markets, Politics and Law', which explored the pervasive and growing phenomenon of ‘personalisation’ – from behavioural advertising in commerce and micro-targeting in politics, to personalised pricing and contracting and predictive policing and recruitment. This is a huge area which touches upon many legal disciplines as well as social science concerns and, of course, computer science and mathematics. Within law, it goes well beyond data protection law, raising questions for criminal law, consumer protection, competition and IP law, tort law, administrative law, human rights and anti-discrimination law, law and economics as well as legal and constitutional theory.

(UoS, 1300-1700).