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Energy and Climate Change Group

Research themes

We carry out fundamental and applied research across our our 6 research themes.

Renewable energy

We design engineering solutions for reliable, affordable and sustainable energy stemming from renewable resources.

Energy access

Globally there are around 800 million people without access to electricity with around 600 million living in Sub Saharan Africa. Our Energy for Development (e4D) programme was created in 2010 to address this challenge. We combine research with exemplar rural electrification projects. 

Cities and infrastructure

We design engineering solutions for sustainable, resilient and inclusive cities.

Buildings and communities

We evaluate indoor and outdoor environments in order to create healthier human settlements.

Behaviour and modelling

We explore individual and community perceptions and behaviours to advance adoption of sustainable energy and energy efficiency.

Climate and emissions

We support cities to achieve net zero and research into coastal engineering and management.

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