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Institute of Sound and Vibration Research


Benefit from specialist engineering knowledge, world-class testing and development facilities, and extensive experience of private and public sector projects.

ISVR Consulting offers a range of services to support our clients in modelling, measuring and assessing sound and vibration.

Standards testing

ISVR Consulting carries out measurements and qualification tests to international, British, proprietary and other standards. As well as working in our laboratories, we can conduct tests in the field our at a client's premises. If you're not sure what tests you need, or how to interpret a particular standard, our consultants can discuss your requirements and offer advice. We'll also work with you to develop test procedures to meet your needs, if none already exist.

Design and product development

We help manufacturers to design and develop products where noise and vibration are important factors. We can provide support from the early stages of your design process. This could include benchmarking competitor products to establish a design target, or assessing an existing product to identify sources of noise and vibration to be controlled.

Building acoustics and vibration

Our services include on-site measurements, laboratory testing, computer modelling and design. We work in accordance with industry regulations and standards, and our consultants can also work with you on alternative design criteria depending on your needs. As a registered member of the Association of Noise Consultants, we are accredited to conduct tests for regulatory compliance with building regulations for sound insulation in flats and houses. We also specialise in the design of low vibration environments such as world class research facilities.

Active noise control

We work with clients in the automotive, rail and sound reproduction industries to design noise cancellation solutions. We are one of very few universities with research expertise in active noise control, combining our expertise with ongoing research in the ISVR.

Numerical modelling

Solving engineering problems sometimes requires the use of computer predictions. Our engineers are experienced in the following techniques:

  • Finite element analysis (FE)
  • Boundary element analysis (BE)
  • Statistical energy analysis (SEA)
  • Analytical models
  • Empirical predictions
  • Ray-tracing
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)


Our software packages give industry professionals access to programs that we have developed through academic research. These include comprehensive tools for predicting noise from trains, as well as our own acoustic measurement and analysis software.

Short courses

We share our expertise through short courses on various aspects of noise and vibration, catering for different levels of experience and specialism. Recent courses we have held include engine intake/exhaust modelling and training courses for our software.

Our Advanced courses present a unique opportunity to learn from and talk to our world-class lecturers. 

Sound sources

We have developed two omni-directional sound sources for the measurement of road vehicle airborne and structure-borne transfer functions. They are driven by a custom-built signal generator and amplifier unit. We have designed our sound sources to be versatile, with applications extending beyond road vehicles.

About ISVR Consulting

ISVR Consulting  is one of the UK’s leading centres of expertise in noise and vibration. We are an Enterprise Unit linked to the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton.

We work with a wide range of industrial and commercial clients, public bodies, and government agencies in the UK and Europe.

For further information, visit, contact us by email at, or phone +44 (0)23 8059 2162.

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