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Institute of Sound and Vibration Research

An audiology PhD student performing a test in an anechoic chamber.

Our research focuses on improving our understanding of acoustics and vibration, their impact on community wellbeing, and the quality and performance of engineering products.

Part of Engineering

The Institute of Sound and Vibration Research is a world renowned research centre dedicated to research, consultancy and education in all aspects of sound and vibration. We cover topics from fundamental theoretical research to many areas that directly impact on human health and wellbeing. With a 60 year history in delivering high impact research, client focussed consultancy and several dedicated undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, we offer a vibrant environment with nationally leading facilities.

We need to work with rigour, imagination, and wonder, unconstrained by the artificial boundaries set in place by discipline names, or the history of projects in which we have previously worked, or above all by the belief that we must jump to solutions when we have not yet perceived the real problem.
Professor of Ultrasonics and Underwater Acoustics

Educational activities

The Institute of Sound and Vibration has a long history in offering degrees in Acoustical engineering and Audiology.

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Room 4101, Building 13, University of Southampton, University Road, Southampton, SO17 1BJ 

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We’re open Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 UK time
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