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Laser-Direct-Write (LDW) Technologies for Biomedical Applications

Academic and industrial collaborators

Learn more about our partner institutions and organisations.

Imperial College London

  • Professor Molly Stevens
  • Professor Jane Davies 

Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton 

  • Professor Paul Elkington, Professor of Respiratory Medicine 
  • Dr Andrew Walls, Reader in Immunopharmacology 
  • Professor Judith Holloway, Professorial Fellow in Allergy 
  • Professor Hasan Arshad, Professor in Allergy and Clinical Immunology 
  • Professor Myron Christodoulides, Professor of Bacteriology 

University Hospital Southampton, NHS Trust

  • Dr Bhaskar Somani, Endourologist and High-Volume Surgeon 
  • Dr Ramesh Kurukulaaratchy, Respiratory Consultant 
  • Dr Kordo Saeed, Consultant Microbiologist and Honorary Associate Professor 
  • Dr Hans Michael Haitchi, Associate Professor in Respiratory Medicine and Clinician Scientist 

Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton 

  • Professor Dan Bader, Professor of Bio-engineering and Tissue Health 
  • Dr David Voegeli, Professor of Nursing 

Biological Sciences, University of Southampton 

  • Professor Bill Keevil, Professor of Environmental Healthcare 

Several collaborators via Network on Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Prevention (NAMRIP), University of Southampton: Mologic Limited, LGC Ltd, Alere Limited (UK), Ahlstrom International, Operon S.A., Coris BioConcept.

We are also exploring partnerships with organisations/institutes to trial the use of such paper-based low-cost sensors to applications including water-quality, food-safety and environmental testing.