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Laser-Direct-Write (LDW) Technologies for Biomedical Applications

Paper patterning technology

Learn how we use LDW technology in lateral flow testing devices.

Our solutions for lateral flow testing are developed using a laser-based platform-technology that is used to pattern the building blocks (cellulose pad, glass-fibre pad or nitrocellulose membrane) of a lateral flow test.

Patterning uniquely shaped fluid-flow paths at specific locations within these blocks allows the creation of flow-controlled lateral flow tests with improved performance (sensitivity and limit-of-detection) and added functionalities (i.e. multiplexing, and quantification).

The patterning process is fast, low-cost, non-contact, and suited for both roll-to-roll and batch manufacturing, making it compatible with conventional lateral flow manufacturing. 

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We believe that our LDW technique could be an ideal choice for rapid fabrication of paper-based microfluidic devices that can be used for a variety of applications such as clinical diagnostics and analytical chemistry.