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Laser-Direct-Write (LDW) Technologies for Biomedical Applications

About us

Discover what we do and how we carry out our research.

We have developed and patented a laser-based direct-write technique that uses a light-sensitive polymer and low-power, visible laser to create fluid flow paths in paper and paper-like porous materials. Using this approach, we can not only guide and direct liquids but also passively control the rates at which they flow within the fluidic device.

We have shown the usefulness of this laser-based technique in the creation of affordable, easy-to-use and mass-producible sensors that rapidly provide a result within a short turnaround time. 

The wider aim is to build on this research activity and engage with end-users who would want to exploit the usefulness of our manufacturing technique in creating sensors for their desired testing applications.

The current focus is developing real-world medical sensors that would assist healthcare professionals and therefore the UK’s NHS with their clinical diagnostic testing needs. Within this domain, we collaborate and have partnerships with the industry (e.g., GE Healthcare, Ahlstrom and others) health bodies (UHKSA, formerly PHE), Universities (e.g., Imperial College, University of Edinburgh and others). 

Please read about this pioneering technology developed by our research group in the Zepler Institute: