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Product Returns Research Group (PRRG)

Work with us

We work with all kinds of people, from policymakers to buyers.

Please get in touch with us at if you are:

  • a Chief Financial Officer aiming to find ways to deliver the returns proposition (free returns, money back guarantees, etc.) into bottom line improvements
  • a person handling Corporate Social Responsibility needing to reduce land-fill
  • a Loss Prevention leader striving to reduce the losses due to fraud and abuse
  • a buyer wanting to improve product category profitability
  • a logistics service provider looking to reduce the cost of returns and deliveries
  • a company interested in working with us 
  • a researcher wishing to join our team 
  • a journalist interested in publishing about product returns
  • a policy-maker keen to know more
  • an individual with a question

There are a number of ways to work with us, including the following:

You could give a guest lecture to under-graduate or post-graduate students in a module on "Strategic Operations Management" or "Sustainable Operations and Supply Chains".

You could provide a topic for an MSc dissertation project, where one of our students would work with you for about 3 months, from May/June to early September. See examples of previous MSc Dissertations:

You can read previous MSc projects using the links below:

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