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Skin Sensing Research Group


We offer opportunities for collaboration as well as consultancy to businesses and external stakeholders.

Our research has a strong enterprise ethos.  We believe that major advances in skin and health care can arise from bridging the gap between academia and industry.  

We have a successful track record in consultancy with a range of companies.  Our scientific approach offers flexible opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange and enterprise.  

Researchers using our facilities have developed new technologies.  As a result, they set up a successful spin-out company, Radii Devices.  

Radii works to make sure that devices such as prosthetics, orthotics, respiratory masks, and wheelchair seats are comfortable and easy to fit.

Services include:

  • consultancy 
  • industry led projects (supporting PhDs)
  • collaborative research grants

During industry led research projects, students are supported by an academic supervisor from the Skin Sensing Research Group and a member of the partner organisation.  Students apply their specialist knowledge to tackle a project brief developed in collaboration with the partner.  

When the research process is complete, the student provides the partner with a comprehensive written report and an oral presentation to explain their findings and recommendations. This process enables our partners to find innovative insights and solutions.  

To discuss how we could work together, please contact Professor Peter Worsley at or Dr Davide Filingeri at