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Skin Sensing Research Group

Research areas

Learn more about our research and areas of expertise.

We carry out basic, applied, and clinical research and aim to advance knowledge on three inter-connected areas:  

  • skin function: the mechanisms of skin barrier, thermoregulatory, and sensory function
  • skin health: the mechanisms of skin integrity in disease models such as pressure ulcers, incontinence associated dermatitis and multiple sclerosis
  • skin technology and comfort: the interactions of skin versus medical devices, clothing and products

Projects are funded through industry collaboration, national and international funding bodies, and charities. Our multidisciplinary team uses methods spanning human testing, physical and computational models. Research areas include:

  • aetiology of skin and soft tissue damage from mechanical and thermal interactions
  • human thermoregulation and sensory function in health and disease 
  • medical device innovation from healthcare to consumer products
  • wearable technologies to promote health and well-being across the life course