Southampton Health Technology Assessments Centre (SHTAC)

Technology Assessment Reviews for NICE

Find out how our research informs health policy and guidance for the NHS.

We are funded by the NIHR as an independent Technology Assessment Review (TAR) centre to inform the development of guidance by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Our research helps NICE’s advisory committees to make evidence-based decisions on the use of new innovative treatments and diagnostic tests for the NHS. NICE guidance helps to ensure that NHS patients can access the most clinically and cost-effective treatments. 

Examples of our recent work informing NICE guidance include: 

Further information about NICE guidance is available on their website.

The evaluation reports produced by SHTAC are a key component of the evidence informing health service decision making. The reports are available open access from the NIHR Journals Library Health Technology Assessment series, as well as on NICE’s website. 

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