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Southampton Institute for Arts and Humanities

Our people

Learn about our team and their expertise in areas from archaeology to games design.

Professor Bryony Whitmarsh

Associate Dean International
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Professor Daniel Ashton

Professor-Cultural & Creative Industries

Research interests

  • Work and the Creative Economy
  • Culture, Data and Place
  • Arts and Cultural Organisations

Accepting applications from PhD students

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Professor Joanna Sofaer

Professor of Archaeology

Research interests

  • The role of cultural and community assets in health and wellbeing
  • The relationship between heritage and wellbeing
  • The social value of archaeology 

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Dr Joseph Owen

Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Modernist art and literature
  • Theories of sovereignty
  • Philosophies of modernism

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Professor Nicky Marsh


Research interests

  • Intersections between culture and economics
  • Cultural representations of risk, money, finance, markets
  • Gender, feminism and the economy 
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Dr Olu Jenzen

Professor of Media and Digital Culture
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Professor Prof Larry Lynch

Head of School

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Professor Ryan Bishop

Professor in Graphic Arts

Research interests

  • Critical Theory
  • Art, Technology and Media
  • Critical Military Studies
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Dr Seth Giddings

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Game Studies
  • Digital and Postdigital Media Culture
  • Creative AI and Robotics

Accepting applications from PhD students

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Professor Shelley Cobb

Head of Department

Research interests

  • My interests include women filmmakers, women's films/chick flicks, gender and popular culture (esp Hollywood), celebrity studies, postfeminism and feminism in the media, contemporary Hollywood cinema, film and television adaptation, the figure of the woman author, and reception discourses. I have recently published on black women filmmakers who make romantic comedies, the politics of the chick flick and Trainwreck, and race in the sitcom Friends.
  • I welcome PhD applications on topics related to any of the above areas.
  • I have supervised to completion theses on British women directors and cinematic space; women documentarians working across film and television; literary celebrity in the 19th century; contemporary gothic fiction for adolescents, and authorship and adaptation of contemporary children's literature and film. My current PhD students are working on Black women and contemporary Hollywood cinema; Chinese chick flicks; East Asian celebrity and fandom; queer Black cinema; the war on terror and Hollywood cinema; gender and class in amateur filmmaking in the UK 1930-1950.
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