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Research project

Defining the immune response to nasopharyngeal colonisation by the commensal Neissaria lactamica


Lead researcher

Professor Robert Read

Chair of Infectious Diseases

Research outputs

Adam P Dale,
Diane F Gbesemete,
, 2022
Type: bookChapter
Diane Gbesemete,
Zoe C Pounce,
Carl N Webb,
Eleanor F Roche,
Graham Berreen,
Konstantinos Belogiannis,
Alison R Hill,
Muktar M Ibrahim,
David W Cleary,
Anish K Pandey,
Holly E Humphries,
Lauren Allen,
Hans de Graaf,
Martin C Maiden,
Andrew R Gorringe,
, 2021 , Science Translational Medicine , 13 (601)
Type: article
Anish Pandey,
David W. Cleary,
Andrew Gorringe,
Alice M. Deasy,
Paul D. Morris,
Xavier Didelot,
Martin C.J. Maiden,
, 2018 , Nature Communications , 9 (1)
Type: article
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