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Doctor Alison Hill

Research Fellow

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Address: Southampton General Hospital, Tremona Road Shirley, SO16 6YD (View in Google Maps)


5 publications
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Diane Gbesemete,
Zoe Caroline Pounce,
Carl N Webb,
Eleanor F Roche,
Jonathan Guy,
Graham A Berreen,
Konstantinos Belogiannis,
Alison Hill,
Muktar Ibrahim,
Muhammad Ahmed,
Anish Pandey,
Holly E. Humphries,
Lauren Allen,
Hans De Graaf,
Martin C. J. Maiden,
Andrew Gorringe,
, 2021 , Science Translational Medicine , 13 (601)
Type: article
Hans de Graaf,
Muktar Ibrahim,
Alison R Hill,
Diane Gbesemete,
Andrew T Vaughan,
Andrew Gorringe,
Andrew Preston,
Annemaire M Buisman,
Kent E. Kester,
Guy Berbers,
Dimitri A. Diavatopoulos,
, 2020 , Clinical Infectious Diseases , 71 (2) , 403--411
Type: article
Angela Tait,
Alison R. Hill,
David E. Smart,
Bjorn Hammarstrom,
Adam L. Fisher,
Martin C. Grossel,
, 2019 , Scientific Reports , 9 (1)
Type: article
Alison R. Hill,
Jess E. Donaldson,
Natalie Smithers,
Kamran Tariq,
Patrick Dennison,
Hitasha Rupani,
Matthew J. Edwards,
Peter H. Howarth,
Chris Grainge,
, 2016 , Tissue Barriers , 4 (3) , 1--12
Type: article
Miao-Chiu Hung,
Renee Phillips,
Charlene Akoto,
Alison Hill,
Wei-Ming Tan,
John Heckels,
, 2016 , PLoS ONE , 11 (8) , e0160403
Type: article
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