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Research project

Hanson RG/15/17/31749 Epigenetic Biomarkers and Determinants of Cardiovascular Risk in Children


Lead researcher
Other researchers

Professor Cyrus Cooper

Prof Rheumatology Clinical Epidemiology

Research interests

  • Key research contributions have been:
  • discovery of the developmental influences which contribute to the risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture in late adulthood
  • demonstration that maternal vitamin D insufficiency is associated with sub-optimal bone mineral accrual in childhood

Professor Keith Godfrey

Associate Dean Enterprise

Professor Karen Lillycrop

Professor of Epigenetics

Research interests

  • Epigenetics
  • Human Disease

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Karen Mei Ling Tan,
Mya Thway Tint,
Narasimhan Kothandaraman,
Fabian Yap,
Yung Seng Lee,
Kok Hian Tan,
Peter D. Gluckman,
Yap Seng Chong,
Mary F.F. Chong,
Johan G. Eriksson,
& David Cameron-Smith
, 2022 , International Journal of Obesity , 46 (6) , 1128--1137
Type: article
Chandni Maria Jacob,
& Mark Hanson
, 2022 , Practical Diabetes , 39 (4)
Type: article
Kathryn R. Hesketh,
Soren Brage,
& Esther M.F. van Sluijs
, 2022 , Journal of Physical Activity and Health , 19 (8) , 558 -- 565
Type: article
Yi Ying Ong,
Mya-Thway Tint,
Izzuddin M. Aris,
Wen Lun Yuan,
Ling-Wei Chen,
Marielle V. Fortier,
Jonathan T.L. Choo,
Lieng Hsi Ling,
Lynette P. Shek,
Kok Hian Tan,
Peter D. Gluckman,
Fabian Yap,
Yap-Seng Chong,
Mary F.F. Chong,
Shiao-Yng Chan,
Johan G. Eriksson,
Mary E. Wlodek,
E. De Lucia Rolfe,
Ken K Ong,
Navin Michael,
& Yung Seng Lee
, 2022 , International Journal of Epidemiology
Type: article
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