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Research project

The use of microRNAs and nanotopography to modulate skeletal stem cell fate and function

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Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council
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Project overview

We propose that miRNAs play a critical role in the regulation of skeletal stem cell fate and function. We will determine the role of miRNAs in the maintenance of stem phenotype or enhancement of bone stem cell differentiation and mechanisms involved including cytoskeletal or epigenetic changes. We have recently shown that defined nanotopographies are capable of robustly regulating SSC fate in the absence of chemical cues. We will therefore use custom designed nanotopographies to control SSC phenotype (for instance, to induce osteogenesis or maintain SSC numbers) and examine how miRNAs affect stem cell responses through modulation of epigenetic, biochemical and biomechanical processes. This study will facilitate our understanding of the mechanisms involved in the regulation of skeletal stem cell fate and function.


Lead researcher

Professor Richard Oreffo

Prof in Musculoskeletal Science

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