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Research project

Platform Grants


Lead researcher

Professor William Powrie

Professor of Geotechnical Engineering

Research interests

  • Railway track and trackbed behaviour and performance.
  • Geotechnical transportation infrastructure (earthworks, retaining walls, tunnels).
  • Groundwater and groundwater control.

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Other researchers

Professor David Richards BEng MSt PhD CEng FICE

Professor in Ground Engineering

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Emeritus Professor Charles Banks

Research interests

  • Controlled anaerobic and aerobic biodegradation of municipal and industrial solid wastes
  • Concepts for an integrated farming system for non competitive food and fuel production
  • Energy production from digestion of crops and agricultural wastes

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Research outputs

Nicholas Woodman,
John Barker,
& James Rollinson
, 2021 , Waste Management , 128 , 142--153
Type: article
Xiao Bing Xu,
Wen Jie Zhang,
David Stuart Holmes,
Hui Xu,
, 2020 , Waste Management , 102 , 304--311
Type: article
Jie Hu,
Han Ke,
Liang Tong Zhan,
Zu Yu Chen,
Ji Wu Lan,
& Yun Min Chen
, 2020 , Waste Management , 103 , 159--168
Type: article
F. Matacchiera,
C. Manes,
F. Boano,
J. Mønster,
& C. Scheutz
, 2019 , Waste Management , 87 , 924--936
Type: article
A. M. Fredenslund,
A. Delre,
A. Finlayson,
J. Helmore,
G. Allen,
& C. Scheutz
, 2019 , Waste Management , 83 , 68--78
Type: article
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