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Research project

Pupil Voice for Promoting Inclusion in Schools

Project overview

This study (funded by Research England - Participatory Research Fund, UKRI) addresses the question: “How can we promote inclusion in schools through an engagement with pupils’ voices?”. It involves a group of primary schools in the city of Southampton who carry out collaborative action research, to find ways that will ensure that all children’s voices are heard in order to promote greater inclusion in learning processes. The study uses participatory research approaches, with a focus on creative pupil voice activities (e.g. visual images, drama, posters etc.).

The study will facilitate greater collaboration between schools and the university in order to co-construct knowledge that will benefit all pupils in the city of Southampton. It will also develop professional development materials and resource people that can be used to create a city-wide strategy that will involve all schools in the future.


Lead researcher

Professor Kyriaki (Kiki) Messiou

Professor of Education

Research interests

  • inclusive education
  • marginalisation in schools

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Other researchers

Doctor Jay de los Reyes


Research interests

  • youth
  • mobilities

Connect with Jay

Miss Chinmaya Potnis

Research interests

  • Inclusive Education
  • Student agency, working alongside students

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Ms Ping Dong

Research interests

  • inclusive education
  • inclusive teaching practices

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Mrs Vivienne Rwang

Connect with Vivienne

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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