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Research project

RECOUP-Moor: Restoring Ecosystem Carbon Uptake of a Post-fire Moorland


Other researchers

Professor Paul Hughes BSc. Ph.D.

Professor of Palaeoecology

Dr Marc Dumont

Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology

Research interests

  • Methanotrophs and methane cycling
  • Microbial communities in soils, sediments, and aquatic systems
  • Biogeochemical cycles

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Harry, Edward Rimmer Shepherd,
Jane A. Catford,
Magdalena, Natalia Steele,
Robert T.E. Mills,
Paul Hughes,
& Bjorn JM Robroek
, 2021 , Applied Vegetation Science , 24 (3)
Type: article
Jonathan Ritson,
Danielle Alderson,
Clare Robinson,
Alexandra Burkitt,
Andreas Heinemeyer,
Andrew Stimson,
Angela Gallego-Sala,
Angela Harris,
Anne Quillet,
Ashish Malik,
Beth Cole,
Bjorn Robroek,
Catherine Heppell,
Damian Rivett,
Dave Chandler,
David Elliott,
Emma Shuttleworth,
Erik Lilleskov,
Filipa Cox,
Gareth Clay,
Iain Diack,
James Rowson,
Jennifer Pratscher,
Jonathan Lloyd,
Jonathan Walker,
Lisa Belyea,
Mike Longden,
Nicholle Bell,
Rebekka Artz,
Richard Bardgett,
Robert Griffiths,
Roxane Andersen,
Sarah Chadburn,
Simon Hutchinson,
Susan Page,
Tim Thom,
William Burn,
& Martin Evans
, 2020 , Science of the Total Environment
Type: article
A. J. Baird,
C. D. Evans,
R. Mills,
P. J. Morris,
S. E. Page,
M. Peacock,
M. Reed,
B. J. M. Robroek,
R. Stoneman,
G. T. Swindles,
T. Thom,
J. M. Waddington,
& D. M. Young
, 2019 , Nature Geoscience , 12 (11) , 884--885
Type: letterEditorial