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Research project

Citizen-Centric Artificial Intelligence Systems

Project overview

In this project, we are developing the fundamental science needed to build trusted (and trustworthy) citizen-centric AI systems. These AI systems will put citizens at their heart, rather than view them as passive providers of data. They will make decisions that maximise the benefit for citizens, given their individual constraints and preferences. They will use incentives where appropriate to encourage positive behaviour change, but they will also be robust to strategic manipulation, in order to prevent individuals from exploiting the system at the expense of others. Importantly, citizen-centric AI systems will involve citizens and other stakeholders in a feedback loop that enables them to audit decisions and modify the system's behaviour to ensure that effective but also ethical decisions are taken.


Lead researcher

Professor Sebastian Stein


Research interests

  • Citizen-Centric Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Mechanism Design and Incentive Engineering in Multi-Agent Systems
  • Applications of AI in smart energy, transportation, electric vehicle charging and disaster response
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