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Research project

Work-life, employment and care - MOP

Project overview

This study is conducted as part of the ESRC Centre for Population Change-Connecting generations program of research. The study aims at analyzing the data collected for the Mass Observation Project from 1981 to the present with the following aims:

1)To inform the content of future questionnaires administered by the dataset holder (i.e. The Mass Observation Archive), on the connections between the generations, including how these might have been affected by the Covid pandemic and the ongoing cost of living crisis.

2)To understand how recent demographic changes such as divorce and re-partnering, along with broader changes in society, have affected intergenerational relationships, contacts and feelings of obligations to kin. Moreover, the study aims at shedding light on the work‐life balance of subjects and the interaction of employment and caring responsibilities.

The research will be initially conducted through a selection of the most relevant questions and a preliminary analysis of the responses given to the questionnaires to establish which ones are relevant to the research aims.

Following, respondents will be selected according to their demographic characteristics and their responses analyzed through content analysis.


Lead researcher

Professor Jane Falkingham

VP Engagement and International
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Other researchers

Professor Athina Vlachantoni

Professor of Gerontology & Social Policy

Research interests

  • Informal care provision and receipt
  • Unmet need for social care
  • Pension protection
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Professor Maria Evandrou FAcSS


Research interests

  • ESRC: Centre for Population Change (CPC): I am Co-Director of ESRC Centre for Population Change. My collaborative work focuses on a) Increasing longevity and the changing life course, and b) Understanding intergenerational relations & exchange. For more information, please visit the CPC website.
  • ESRC CPC - Connecting Generations: I am also Co-Director of the ESRC CPC-Connecting Generations research programme. The research will investigate areas such as changing intergenerational relationships; intergenerational flows of support in later life; and work-life balance, employment and caring responsibilities in mid-life. More information on the Connecting Generations research programme here.
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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs