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SHTAC is assessing the use of fluid resuscitation for children in shock

Published: 16 January 2014

Researchers at SHTAC are assessing the effects of fluid resuscitation measures to treat children in circulatory shock.

SHTAC is undertaking a systematic review of the effectiveness of fluid therapy for seriously ill children with circulatory shock.  The review has been commissioned by the World Health Organisation to inform an ongoing update of their current guidance in this area.  Shock can occur as a result of infections (e.g malaria or dengue fever) or fluid loss (for example from diarrhoea) and can rapidly lead to severe ill health and death if not treated.  Timely recognition of the signs of shock can increase the chance of recovery through the use of appropriate treatments.  One of the initial mainstays of treatment is the replacement of circulatory fluid through intravenous fluid replacement therapy.  The best approach to the delivery of these therapies will be considered by SHTAC, applying rigorous methodological approaches to ensure all relevant published evidence is identified, appraised and synthesised to be able to inform the WHO guidelines. The project aims to report in February 2014.

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