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Sound and vibration

An audiology PhD student performing a test in an anechoic chamber.
Join an academic community that's exploring the most exciting topics in sound - from immersive audio, through advanced noise and vibration control, to hearing and audiology practice.

Whether you're interested in the science of sound waves and acoustic engineering, or want to qualify as an audiologist in a clinical setting, you'll find a place with us. Our Institute of Sound and Vibration Research is a centre of study in many topics across these fields.

Acoustical engineering students will develop skills for a range of industrial applications. We'll train you in industry-standard measurement and simulation techniques, and give you access to one of the largest anechoic chambers in any UK university.

Audiology students will study at the only university in the UK with its own in-house audiology and auditory implant centres. You can register as a hearing care assistant and pursue paid roles in the field while you progress your degree.

  • 100%    
    of undergraduates employed or in further study

    within 15 months of graduation

    Graduate Outcomes Survey 2021

  • Industry-accredited acoustical engineering courses

    accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and meet Institute of Acoustics (IOA) membership requirements

  • Unique degrees

    We're the only Russell Group university offering acoustical engineering programmes

Sound and vibration courses

Choose from a wide range of degrees in audiology and acoustical engineering.

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My research interests are in acoustics, vibrations, signal processing, control systems and fluid dynamics.
Professor of Acoustics
I'm undertaking research on unsteady aerodynamics and flow-induced sound generation in various engineering problems via high-performance computational simulations.
Professor of Aerodynamics&Aeroacoustics
The aim of my work is to understand how we hear sound and to use this knowledge to create bio-inspired solutions to enhance speech communication.
Head of Department


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