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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton wind tunnels

15' x 12' tunnel

The 15' x 12' low speed section (located upstream of the 7' x 5' high speed test section) incorporates a 6-component underfloor balance.

6-component under floor balance
Mounted below the tunnel floor and can be set at any yaw angle;
Concentric 3m diameter turntable independent of the balance;
Floor level model attachments;
Frame and flexure design with independent load cells

Maximum load ranges:
Lift 1000 N;
Fx 400 N;
Fy 800 N;
Yaw moment 800 Nm;
Pitch moment 800 Nm;
Roll moment 800 Nm

Other equipment:
Analogue/digital conversion for acquisition of signals

120ft Schooner designed by Hoek Design being tested by the Wolfson Unit
Model schooner in the 15' x 12'
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