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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton wind tunnels

7' x 5' tunnel

The 7' x 5' tunnel utilises an overhead 3-component balance giving lift and drag forces together with pitching moment. The tunnel can also be used with a 3-component strut-mounted balance which was historically used for motorsports testing.

3-component overhead balance
Strut attachments with adjustable pitch angle;
Weigh-beam design with stepper motor driven weights

Maximum load ranges:
Lift 1800 N;
Drag 450 N;
Pitch moment 450 Nm;
Digital output for acquisition of signals via PC

3-component strut mounted balance:
Mounted overhead;
Faired strut with ride height control;
Load cell design

Maximum load ranges:
Lift 2000 N;
Drag 400 N;
Pitch moment 500 N.m

Front wing and wheels being tested in the 7' x 5'
Front Wing Assembly
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