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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton wind tunnels

Balance details

One of the critical components in many wind tunnels is the force balance or dynamometer. Our facilities have a selection of such balances with information on the systems being found on the contained pages.

Other Available Equipment

Optical techniques
Laser based optical techniques can be made available for use in the wind tunnels. This includes 2D Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) whereby images of the flow, seeded with smoke droplets and illuminated by a high power laser sheet, are captured in quick succession. Software is then used to analyse the images and trace the movement of particles through pairs of images and so producing vector maps of the flow in the interrogation area. This technique allows a 2D image of the flow to be built up which can prove very useful for CFD validation as well as a standalone experimental technique.

Pressure Scanning
To complement force data it is often useful to capture static pressure measurements around the model being tested. At Southampton we can offer pressure scanning which can be recorded either through the Pi Research acquisition system for motorsport testing or through LabVIEW software if using the overhead balance.

Traditional Techniques
Together with the more modern techniques we are also able to undertake surface oil flow visualisation to help provide an accurate understanding of the flow around the model, which can of course be complemented by use of our smoke wand and the application of wool tufts.

Workshop Facilities
We are able to offer full workshop facilities and provide most non-specialist tools to ensure that model mounting and changes can be carried out efficiently. Our helpful staff will also be on hand to lend a hand as necessary.

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