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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton wind tunnels

R.J. Mitchell tunnel

The Mitchell wind tunnel has a 6-component overhead balance and also a strut-mounted 6-component 'in-car' balance.

Nutem 6-component overhead balance:
Mounted overhead and can be set at any yaw angle;
Concentric turntable independent of the balance;
Strut attachments with adjustable pitch angle

Alternative virtual roll centres at:
Tunnel centre-line;
300mm above moving ground;
Flex-link design with independent load cells for each measurement component

Adjustable maximum load ranges:
Lift 300-11000 N;
Fx 258-5000 N;
Fy 645-3350 N;
Yaw moment 83 – 830 Nm;
Pitch moment 83 - 3500 Nm;
Roll moment 165 - 2500 Nm;
Analogue/digital conversion for acquisition of signals

Aerotech 6-component internal balance:
Mounted in model and from a vertical strut;
Faired strut with ride height control mounted from Nutem ground frame;
Strain gauged cage design

Maximum load ranges:
Downforce 3600 N;
Drag 900 N;
Side Force 1000 N;
Yaw moment 260 Nm;
Pitch moment 700 Nm;
Roll moment 120 Nm

Other equipment:
ZOC pressure scanning system;
2D PIV available if required

A model maker working on a F3 model in the Mitchell tunnel
F3 Model using the internal balance
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