Freedom of Speech

1. The Council of the University has approved the following Code of Practice in order to enable the University to discharge its obligations under Section 43 of the Education (No. 2) Act 1986 to take such steps as are reasonably practicable to ensure that freedom of speech within the law is secured for members, students and employees of the University as well as for visiting speakers.

2. In implementing the Code, the University will take such steps as are reasonably practicable to ensure that access to its premises (including the Students' Union buildings) is not denied to any individual or body of persons on any grounds connected with:

  1. the beliefs or views of that individual or of that body; or
  2. the policy or objectives of that body

3. The University is also mindful of other legal obligations which may require it to have regard to what is said on its premises. It is not lawful, for example, for a speaker to incite an audience to violence, breach of the peace or racial hatred. Assemblies of persons directed to lawful purposes cease to be lawful if they cause serious public disorder or breaches of the peace.

4. The granting of permission by the University for the holding of meetings on its premises to an individual or body does not imply any endorsement by the University of the policy or objectives of that individual or body.

5. The Code of Practice shall also apply as appropriate to outside organisations hiring University premises, and to public meetings held on University premises.

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