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Engineering Foundation Year 2023-24

Academic Regulations: Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

SchoolEngineering Foundation Year
Final AwardN/A

Engineering/Physics/Geophysics/Mathematics Foundation Year (EPG FY): Highfield and UoSM Engineering/Physics/Geophysics/Mathematics

Computer Science Foundation Year

Foundation Year Language Pathway A (EPG FY LPA): Highfield and UoSM Engineering/Physics/Geophysics/Mathematics

Foundation Year Language Pathway B (EPG FY LPB): Highfield and UoSM

Last modifiedApril 2023



1.The Foundation Years listed above are not credit-bearing and do not lead to an award of the University of Southampton.  They may be appended to the front of a degree programme to create an integrated, extended degree. 
2.Students satisfying the examiners at the end of the Foundation Year will progress to Part I of a specified degree programme. A student progressing to Part I of any permitted programme will thereafter be subject to the regulations in force for students entering that programme in the same year. 


3.To qualify to proceed from one year to the next, a student must reach a standard in the assessment, as detailed in the Foundation Year Description. 

Students may progress from the linked Foundation Year(s) to the following programmes: 

  • BEng/MEng Software Engineering 
  • BSc/MMath Mathematics 
  • BSc Mathematics with Statistics 
  • BSc Mathematical Sciences 
  • BSc/MPhys Physics 
  • BEng/MEng Acoustical Engineering 
  • BEng/MEng Aeronautics and Astronautics (all themes) 
  • BEng/MEng Chemical Engineering 
  • BEng/MEng Civil Engineering 
  • MEng Civil Engineering and Architecture 
  • BEng/MEng Mechanical Engineering (all themes) 
  • BEng/MEng Medical Engineering 
  • BEng/MEng Ship Science (all themes) 
  • BEng/MEng Aerospace Electronic Engineering 
  • BEng/MEng Biomedical Engineering (all themes) 
  • BEng/MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering 
  • BEng/MEng Electrical Engineering 
  • BEng/MEng Electronic Engineering (all themes) 
  • BEng/MEng Mechatronic Engineering 
  • BSc/MEng Computer Science (all themes) 
  • BEng/MEng Software Engineering 
  • BSc/MMath Mathematics 
  • BSc Mathematics with Statistics 
  • BSc Mathematical Sciences 
  • BSc/MSci Geophysical Sciences 
  • BSc/MPhys Physics
5.Students wishing to progress to an Integrated Master’s degree with an industrial placement year who are sponsored by the University to enter the UK should seek specific advice from the Visa and Immigration Student Advice Service (VISAS) regarding the permitted length of their proposed programme of study. 
6.A student who marginally fails to satisfy the examiners has a right of referral as detailed in the Foundation Year Description.  Except at the discretion of the Board of Examiners, referral examinations are taken in the August/September supplementary period.  A student may not progress to the following year of the programme until they have passed the Foundation Year. 
7.A student who fails at referral, or who has no referral right under the regulations, has the right to resit. A resit for the Foundation Year consists of taking all examinations again, including any which have already been passed at the first attempt or at referral.  In exceptional circumstances, the Board of Examiners may permit subsequent resitting. 
8.Students will normally be permitted to resit only at the usual time or times for the examination in the subsequent academic year. 
9.A resit may be taken internally or externally. 
10.For an external resit, a student is not required to pay tuition fees and hence is not entitled to access taught sessions or academic or pastoral support services. They will have an enrolment status of 'Repeat non attending' which allows access to the Library and to IT services only. A student resitting externally may be required to pay fees for examinations and other assessments. 
11.For an internal resit a student is entitled to attend all taught sessions, and required to submit all coursework and to take all examinations. The full tuition fee is charged for an internal resit. 
12.A student may not progress to the following year of the programme until all resit examinations have been passed. 
13.The progression rules for resit examinations are the same as for first attempt examinations except that no right of referral exists and no further right of resit is normally available and the programme of study of a student failing at resit will be terminated.  However, in exceptional circumstances, the Board of Examiners may permit additional resits. 
14.A student permitted to resit or refer will normally be required to take the papers set for that occasion regardless of any change of syllabus. It is the responsibility of the student to ascertain from the Foundation Year Deputy Director in good time whether any such syllabus changes have been made. 

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the Foundation Year Description.


As a research-led University, we undertake a continuous review of our programmes to ensure quality enhancement and to manage our resources. As a result, these regulations may be revised during a student’s period of registration, however, any revision will be balanced against the requirement that the student should receive the educational service expected. Please read our Disclaimer to see why, when and how changes may be made to a student’s programme.