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Master of Arts/Master of Science Programmes 2023-24

Academic Regulations: Faculty of Social Sciences

SchoolSouthampton Education School
Final Award

Master of Arts (MA)

Master of Science (MSc)

With exit awards of:

Postgraduate Certificate in Education Studies

Postgraduate Diploma

  • MA Education by Dissertation through Flexible Study
  • MSc Education
  • MSc Education Online
  • MSc Education Management and Leadership
  • MSc Education Practice and Innovation
  • MSc Education Practice and Innovation (ETS)
Last modifiedApril 2023

The Academic Regulations apply to and regulate the programme(s) listed above.

On occasion, programmes can be exempted from one or more of the clauses in the Regulations; one or more of the clauses can be varied; and programmes can impose additional requirements.

  • Exemptions are characterised by the omission of the relevant clause.
  • Variations are characterised by the replacement of the clause with alternative wording.
  • Additions are characterised by requirements in addition to those detailed in the Academic regulations.

The programmes listed have approval from the Academic Quality and Standards Committee for the exemptions and/or variations and/or additions to the regulations noted below.


The clause(s) listed below describe where an exemption to the Regulations exists.

Existing University RegulationApproved Regulation

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

In cases where a University of Southampton Award is made (for instance, those who have been awarded a PG Certificate and left, but now wish to proceed to a Diploma) the same credit cannot be counted twice in the same disciplines/subject and the original award will be rescinded.  Credits awarded at a higher level, used at the lower cannot be used again in a future degree at a higher level.

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy 

Students undertaking the programmes listed above would not be required to rescind the PGCE upon receipt of a further award based in part on the same credit.



The clause(s) listed below describe where a variation to the Regulations exists.

None apply

Additional Requirements

The clause(s) listed below are in addition to the Regulations.

None apply

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the programme specification.


As a research-led University, we undertake a continuous review of our programmes to ensure quality enhancement and to manage our resources. As a result, these regulations may be revised during a student’s period of registration, however, any revision will be balanced against the requirement that the student should receive the educational service expected. Please read our Disclaimer to see why, when and how changes may be made to a student’s programme.

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