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The University of Southampton

High-power fibre lasers

Multi-kW beam control for various applications

High Power Fibre Lasers

The fibre laser is the most important development in laser technology in recent decades. Born out of the revolutionary optical telecoms fibre amplifier developed by Professor Payne and his team at the Optoelectronic Research Centre (OR), University of Southampton, it offers a number of unique advantages, ranging from performance to size and reliability. Our research is focused on higher powers, new wavelengths spanning soft X-rays to Hz waves for pulsed and continuous-wave applications in areas such as materials processing, aerospace and defence, telecommunications, displays and accelerators. New fibre designs and materials developed by Arc’s fibre dab underpin this research.

Technological advantages

Technology roadmap

Demonstrated world’s first > 1kW diffraction-limited fibre laser

Currently working on:

Collaboration opportunity

We are interested in working with partners on the development and application of higher-power fibre lasers with customised light properties including tailored pulse and beam shapes and spectrum.

If you would like to know more please contact Professor Johan Nilsson


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