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Research project

Smart Fibre-Optic High Power Photonics (HiPPo)

Project overview

The Smart Fibre Optics High-Power Photonics (HiPPo) programme is a new EPSRC funded 5-year programme pursuing fibre-based phased-array lasers at the Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton. The HiPPo programme is focused on understanding how to control the properties of fibre lasers, to go beyond the “fixed” fibre lasers that are currently used in manufacturing and towards “smart” fibre lasers that are automatically reconfigured and optimised in real-time. The aim is to revolutionise manufacturing by developing the next generation of reconfigurable, scalable, resilient, power efficient, 'smart' fibre laser tools for modern day manufacturing.

The field of high-power photonics has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with the development of new technologies and applications. HiPPo aims to leverage the power of smart fibre optics to push the boundaries of what is possible in this field.

Our research vision for HiPPo includes the development of new smart fibre optic technologies that can handle high-power photonics applications. This includes the design and fabrication of novel fibre optic components and systems that can withstand high optical powers and enable new functionalities.

In addition, we aim to explore new applications of high-power photonics enabled by smart fibre optics. This could include areas such as laser-based manufacturing, medical treatments, and sensing.

Overall, our goal is to advance the state-of-the-art in high-power photonics through the use of smart fibre optics, and to drive innovation in this exciting field.


Lead researcher

Professor Michalis Zervas PhD

Professor of Optical Communications
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Other researchers

Professor Sir David Payne KBE CBE FRS FREng

Professor of Photonics

Research interests

  • high-power fibre lasers
  • spun fibres for control of dispersion, now extensively used in undersea fibre cables
  • the Er/Yb cladding-pumped fibre amplifier used for cable television distribution
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Dame Wendy Hall DBE FRS FREng FCGI

Director of WSI

Research interests

  • Web Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
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Professor Andy Clarkson

Professor of Optoelectronics Research
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Professor Jayanta Sahu

Professorial Fellow-Research
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Dr Peter Horak

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Theory and simulation of nonlinear and quantum optics
  • Laser pulse propagation and manipulation in optical fibres
  • Quantum technology, integrated optics, optical resonators
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Professor Johan Nilsson

Professor of Optoelectronics
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Dr Ben Mills

Principal Research Fellow
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Dr Yongmin Jung

Principal Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Multicore fibre technology
  • Multimode fibre technology
  • Wideband fibre amplifier technology
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