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Dr Crystal El Safadi 

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Crystal El Safadi's photo

Dr Crystal El Safadi is a Senior Research Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

With an interest in GIS and other technologies, I am a fierce advocate for modern practices that unite digital and archaeological research. I currently work on the Arcadia funded MarEA (Maritime Endangered Archaeology) project. MarEA aims to rapidly and comprehensively document and assess, through remote sensing, threats to the maritime and coastal archaeology of the Middle East and North Africa. In tandem, I undertake research, involving computational modelling, on the topic of prehistoric maritime mobility within north-western Europe and the Mediterranean.

Prior to this, I have worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, contributing to teaching on the Master’s programme in Maritime Archaeology. I have also worked as an Archaeologist, GIS Specialist, Research Technician and a Geophysical Specialists. These employments have not only afforded me the experience of working within a number of countries, namely Lebanon, Cyprus, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Oman and the U.K. but also, to work across disciplines and specialisations i.e. terrestrial, maritime and desktop-based research. As a Research Technician (2016-2017), I worked on a project entitled Writing Honor: The Levant and the History of Archaeological Ideas about Seascapes.

Qualifications include an MSc in Archaeological Computing-Spatial Technologies (2012-2013), an MA in Maritime Archaeology (2013-2014) and a PhD in Archaeology (2014-2018). My doctoral thesis focused on maritime activities during the Early Bronze Age within the Levant. It identified the complexity of analysing the past through the lens of a modern geographical understanding and offered an alternate mapping concept, to which we may engage playfully with the past.

Ultimately, this concept of ‘playful engagement’ is that which drives the research I undertake. I am drawn to powerful concepts that can contribute to the shaping and reshaping of the world; I am interested in questions that may challenge conventional narratives and I am eager to support others to do the same.

Dr Crystal El Safadi
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Southampton
Avenue Campus, Highfield
SO17 1BF
United Kingdom

Room Number: 65A/3045

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