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Doctor Crystal El Safadi

Doctor Crystal El Safadi

Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Maritime Cultural Heritage
  • Databases and Repositories
  • Geospatial Data and Mapping

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Address: B65a, Avenue Campus, Highfield Road, SO17 1BF (View in Google Maps)


Dr Crystal El Safadi is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southampton. She is a maritime archaeologist with a background and expertise in archaeological computing and Geographic Information System. Crystal is part of the Arcadia funded MarEA (Maritime Endangered Archaeology) project, which is rapidly and comprehensively documenting and assessing, through remote sensing applications, threats to the maritime and coastal archaeology of the Middle East and North Africa. Her work focuses on managing geospatial and heritage data and undertaking both desk and field-based research that enhances knowledge of the maritime cultural heritage asset, of its state of preservation, and how best to manage it through regional initiatives and collaborations. In her archaeological research, Crystal focuses on Bronze Age and Neolithic seafaring and maritime mobility modelling.

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