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Allergy (PGDip)

Postgraduate Diploma
2 to 4 years
Course Type
Online only
Next course starts
September 2022

About this course

We are a World Allergy Organisation Centre of Excellence.

Develop your professional practice and improve your patient outcomes with this part-time or full-time, flexible PGDip Allergy course. We'll ensure you can translate current best practice into improved patient care.

This diploma comprehensively covers allergic disease in both paediatric and adult patients and is suitable if you're working in a hospital or community, as a doctor, nurse, dietitian or pharmacist. It’s our ambition that you leave this PGDip allergy course as a leader in real-world allergy care, able to disseminate knowledge on to your teams.

The course is highly flexible, and you can choose to study part-time over 2 to 4 years, or full-time for 1 year. Through our online delivery, we provide a flexible learning environment that gives you control over how, when and where you study. Our course is a blend of synchronous live and asynchronous recorded sessions, designed to allow you to engage with our expert teachers and your fellow students, whilst enabling you to personalise your experience and learn at your own pace.

Self-study between modules is supported through our online learning environment.

You can choose to focus on:

  • allergic airways disease
  • skin and drug allergy
  • food allergy
  • clinical research skills
  • teaching the teachers to teach
  • designing your own learning experience in allergy to benefit your work needs

The course lecturers are all actively involved in clinical practice or research.

Flexible study

If you prefer, you can apply to study this course as:

  • a full-time Diploma - study the same course content over 1 year
  • a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) - you can choose to study full-time over 1 year or part-time over 2 years, and will not need to write a dissertation
  • an MSc Allergy degree - study part-time 2 to 5 years or full-time for 1 year

If you are not quite ready for the PG Diploma yet, then you can start the PG Cert and progress to this when you are ready. If you then want to carry on, you can complete the dissertation and get the full MSc.

Your modules and fees may vary if you choose a different study option.

Course lead

This PGDip Allergy course is led by Professor Judith Holloway, who was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2017 for her work on this course. This award recognises individuals who have made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and the teaching profession in higher education.

For more information visit Judith's staff profile


“The University provides students with an excellent grounding in the immunology and clinical aspects of allergy from a world class faculty, coupled with unrivalled support from course leaders.”
Adam Fox, graduate

Awarding body

This qualification is awarded by the University of Southampton.

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