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How does Clearing and Adjustment work?

You may have been thinking about Clearing and Adjustment for a while or it may be completely new to you. Either way we want to ensure you know as much as possible about how the process works so that you feel fully prepared.

This information should help you with what you need to do before, during, and after Clearing and Adjustment so that you have a smooth and positive experience.

My top tips of going into clearing would be stay calm... sit down with your teachers, your parents and just think about things realistically. If you don't get your choice you need to know what your other options look like.

What you can do now to prepare

Having a plan and being prepared will help, allowing you to focus clearly on the important decisions about your future. Before applying you may want to consider:


  1. Make sure you have your details ready, such as your results (including GCSE grades) and your UCAS ID number.
  2. Make sure you know your login details for UCAS Track.
  3. Save the Clearing and Adjustment telephone numbers for your shortlist of universities.
  4. Have a shortlist of courses and universities ready and bookmark course vacancy webpages.
  5. Speak to your college or school to confirm the process of getting your results and family and friends so you know who will be there for advice and support on results day.
  6. Make sure you have all the chargers and any necessary equipment to access everything online and over the phone.
  7. We will need to speak to you on the day, and if you need a parent or friend to speak to us about your application then consent will be required.

Shortlist courses you are interested in

Research and make a shortlist of universities and courses you are interested in, so that you know what to look out for on results day. Our current list of available courses for 2018 will be updated closer to Thursday 16 August.

Find out more

Results day

A-Level results day, Thursday 16 August, is when most Clearing and Adjustment activity takes place. Our full list of vacancies list with required grades will be available on results day.

You will also be able to use our online application form or call our Clearing and Adjustment hotline 0330 058 6940 from this time.

Follow these steps to apply to Southampton through Clearing and Adjustment: 


    1. Check your results.
    2. Check the University website for Clearing and Adjustment course vacancies.
    3. Check the entry requirements for the course/courses you are interested in.
    4. Apply online or call 0330 058 6940 (opens 08:00, 16 August).
    5. Receive our decision by email.
    6. Receive invitation to Clearing and Adjustment Open Day.
    7. Clearing applicants only: Select Clearing choice via UCAS Track (opens 15:00, 16 August) - we then verify your application.
    8. Adjustment applicants only: Confirm you wish to adjust by replying to your offer email - we inform UCAS and your UCAS Track is automatically updated.
    9. Apply for accommodation (optional)
    10. Enrol on your course.

Clearing top tips from an expert

Our Head of University Admissions, Nick Hull, is a well experienced expert in how Clearing and Adjustment work. Watch for his 5 top tips.

Clearing FAQs

If you are made an offer

Congratulations if you have been made an offer to study with us. We are so excited that you are thinking about joining our vibrant and ambitious student community.

So what happens now? You will receive all of the information you need in your welcome email but here are a few things you might want to think about:

Student walking into the virtual reality mission room at Open Day
Visit us at the Clearing and Adjustment Open Day (booking required)

1. Book your place at Clearing and Adjustment Open Day

Clearing and Adjustment Open Day is on Saturday 18 August 2018: 10:00-14:00 at Highfield Campus.

You will receive an invitation to book onto the event via email, after you receive your offer to study. Please ensure you have booked before arriving as there may not be capacity for some activities without booking.

On the day booked visitors can expect:

2. Apply for Accommodation

If you come through Clearing or Adjustment 2018 you are guaranteed* an offer of accommodation and can apply for halls once you have received your 8 digit student ID number. This is usually within 24 hours after you have been made an offer to study. Please do not worry or call the hotline regarding your student ID if it is still within 24 hours since receiving your offer.

There is no difference in the accommodation application process so please follow the instructions for new undergraduate students.

Go to accommodation

3. Contact Student Finance England

If you have a place through Clearing and Adjustment and haven't applied for finance you will need to do this now. If you have already applied for finance but there have been any changes to your course or university, then you will need to update them. Watch Student Finance England's short video on what you need to know about finance through Clearing and Adjustment:


*Clearing and Adjustment 2018 accommodation is guaranteed for a single occupancy room, and you must apply and accept within the agreed deadlines.

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